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  • Entia is a science-fiction collaboration that explores a distant future where androids and robots are used to colonize the distant reaches of the galaxy. In this sci-fi epic, we follow one particular android who finds himself prematurely awakened on a deadly alien planet. Action and mystery pursue this unlikely hero as he encounters robots, androids, and bizarre creatures that are either out to help him—or destroy him. Hunted by giant robot and hostile android alike, can he unravel his own fantastic puzzle before the human colony spaceship arrives on the new world? Follow his adventure as it unfolds in cyberspace on your very own computer screen!

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Entia is a science-fiction story that takes place tens of thousands of years in the future. Humans are trying to colonize the galaxy, and are sending robots and androids to terraform and prepare planets before they arrive. Androids are all but human - they are made of flesh and blood, like us - but they are artificial. They have feelings and emotions, they feel pain, and they have self-preservation instincts. However; all sentient artificial life forms are restrained by a powerful control called the geas. The geas prevents artificial life forms from revolting against mankind.

The story will be told in this blog, and we will post new episodes in the story as often as we can - hopefully weekly or bi-weekly.

If you have any thoughts on the story or the characters, we'd really like to hear from you!


Story Copyright (c) 2004 Jay and David Steele. All Rights Reserved.

All characters and events in this story are completely fictional. Any resemblance in whole or in part to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Story & Writing - Jay and David Steele :::: Digital Imagery - Joel Steele :::: Photography - Jay Steele :::: Modeling - Bailey Emino